Anthony Layfield

Strength & Conditioning Coach and Performance Specialist in Louisville, KY

Anthony has always had a passion for human performance and helping people reach higher to achieve more. He has over eight years in the athletic performance industry, including six years owning his training facility offering youth to pro-level programs, team camps, and combines that equip athletes with the strength, power, speed, explosiveness, and coordination required to get the most out of their training.

He has worked with athletes on all levels to improve functional movement to support the physical demands of life and sport, helping shore up weaknesses, decrease injury risk, and build strength, power, and speed. Anthony is an EXOS-Certified Performance Specialist, USA Weightlifting and Sports Performance Coach, Power Athlete Block One Coach, and Certified Sports Nutrition Coach.

The athlete development program utilized is designed to empower performance and unlock athletic potential in athletes. “No matter the sport, the stronger, faster, and more powerful athlete tends to prevail”.


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